A Good Fall for Orcas

The last half of 2013 has been awesome for the orcas. 
Reason 1: The movie, "Blackfish," which exposes the travesty of keeping captive killer whales at Seaworld, was released this summer and was a huge hit, seen by many thousands of people in theaters and TV.
Reason 2: People actually took action, petitioning musicians to cancel their upcoming gigs at Seaworld, and to date 7 big name acts have! There have also been protests of the Seaworld floats in New York and LA parades, garnering more attention.
Reason 3: Almost as if they could sense a change in the tide of human responsibility, the wild orcas have been visiting the waters of Puget Sound near Seattle this fall with greater frequency than at any other time in the 21 years I've lived here. I got to see a group of seven of them, for the first time ever, from the deck of a passenger ferry near West Seattle in late October. It was amazing and magical! Here's hoping that all captive orcas are freed soon!