A Mother Will Cry

One of the most haunting stories that I've encountered on my vegan journey is the how mother cows grieve the loss of their babies. Every year of her short life, a cow will gives birth to a calf who will immediately be taken away. This act of kidnapping is the cornerstone the milk and cheese "business".  Dairy farmers impregnate a cow over and over again to keep her lactating, and then immediately take away her baby so that we can take all her milk. Witnesses say that the mother and baby loudly cry out for each other when they are separated- and that the mother will search and mourn for her lost baby for weeks afterwards. 

Farmers make themselves feel better by saying that animals have no feelings but frankly, they have to buy into that kind of denial or else they wouldn't be able to sleep at night. Anyone who has lost a member of their family, especially a child, knows that it's the worst thing that can happen.

If you'd like be part of building a new world that doesn't include contribute to this kind of animal cruelty, the good news is that there are more non dairy milks and cheeses available now than ever before.