Are you still making art?

My studio February 27th, 2013

"Are you still making art?"

A curator with whom I hadn't worked in a dozen years emailed this question to me last month. I was glad to be able to truthfully respond, "Yes!" as I had recently quit several other endeavors that were keeping me away from the studio and actually had a fresh body of work.
Our conversation resulted in the award of a rather large series of commissioned paintings!
As much as it might seem like a huge coincidence for her to contact me exactly when I was clearing my schedule to do more artwork, I have to claim some responsibility for planting a seed for this stroke of "luck" to happen a few months earlier.
While putting together images for a FaceBook page of my artwork, I had wanted to include a photo of this commissioned artwork that from 12 years ago for a local hospital. I dropped by the hospital to take a photo, only to find that the entire clinic had been relocated and nobody knew where my paintings were now. Since I'd connected with the curator earlier in the year on Linkedin, it was easy enough to send her an email asking where they were (thankfully the paintings were reinstalled in a new area, not in storage somewhere) and so I had made myself fresh in her mind as an artist when this new job opportunity came up.
So even though it's not a case of "think it and it shall be so" I am very grateful and delighted to see such immediate results from my decision to rededicate myself to the studio.