Late summer artists retreat at Bumping Lake

In early September I was fortunate to go on an artists retreat to a friend's wilderness cabin on the east side of Mount Rainier. Here's the cabin, itself, recently declared a historic landmark. 
I stayed in the room named "Bear" which is fitting as it was my fathers childhood nickname for me, as well as being the home of a painting that I'd created on an earlier visit. 
Here's a view of the nearby old growth forest, nicknamed "The Sanctuary."
Here's two of the paintings I created this year, hung out to dry on the side of the hammock. They are oil paint on unstretched canvas. 
It was a good year for collecting mushrooms. Unfortunately our hostess could not ID this bunch, but we found more than enough boletes and chanterelles to enjoy every evening. 
Did I mention there was a lake? Here it is, Bumping Lake on a quiet warm morning, with the American Range peaks reflecting in its mirror like surface. So long for another year, Bumping Lake, and thanks for letting us visit.