Monday, May 5, 2014

POD revisited

This blog was originally named "Picture of the Day" (thus the "rebeccabushpod" in the url.) As the title suggests, I would post little doodles that I'd made on my computer every single morning. It was a fun exercise, but like so many projects whose goal is to pledge to do something every single day, it just petered out after a while.
I just realized that I have a new POD that I've been doing for the last year without even realizing it! I have been posting little square snapshots that I take of everyday scenes taken with my phone camera, dolled up to look like vintage polaroids- yes, I'm talking about Instagram.

Rebecca Bush Instagram Genie Lift to Heaven
I call this one "Genie Lift to Heaven"
What I love about it is that not only have I started keeping my eyes open for "Instagramable" scenes while I'm out walking around, but I love the interactivity of showing them to my followers and also seeing what they'be been "shooting" today. You can see my oeuvre over at
As you'll see, most of my shots are taken around my neighborhood in Seattle. If you're on Instagram, follow me and I'll follow you.

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