New Years Resolutions

A late year bout of ill health lead me to reflect on how little a few freelance and volunteer commitments were actually benefitting what really matters to me: Doing my art. And so- back to the studio!
The first painting I created this year was in response to a request from my cousin, Shawn, for a picture for her granddaughter's nursery. "Runaway Cat" is a variation on a favorite theme of mine: Escape! This painting was done in acrylic on stretched canvas and measures 13" square.
The second painting I made this last week is a portrait of Fina, the cat with whom we share our home. This one was done in watercolor on paper, an unusual medium for me, and measures 11" x 15". 
(Fina would probably like to run away, at least for a little while!)

My next project is to create images of the White Buffalo and the White Lions, a continuation of my Spirit Bears series. I am also developing my first children's picture storybook. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens this year.